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Spicy fragrances for fall

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Spicy fragrances for fall

Feeling a little spicy? Add some flavour to your routine with a gorgeous new scent. Get into the spirit of the season and discover your new fall fave today.


Fresh and restorative, you’ll fall in love with Laboratorio Olfattivo’s Zen-Zen collection. Made in Italy, Laboratorio Olfattivo is renowned for turning inspiration into niche fragrances that tell a story. Start your next chapter with a stunning zen-zen fragrance diffuser. It is available in four different sizes—200ml, 500ml, 1L and 3L—which make it perfect for any space. Enjoy this crisp fragrance with notes of ginger, cedarwood, and sandalwood, and capture the essence of autumn.

Ginger Lime

Mix spicy with a touch of sweet with our Dr. Vranjes energising ginger lime fragrance. This fresh, ambient fragrance is both sparkling and welcoming. Pick up the pearl-ginger-lime candle, which marries the purity of pearl to this gorgeous scent.

Created with Florentine craftsmanship, these beautiful candles are designed to echo the iconic dome of the Florence Cathedral. Plus, Dr. Vranjes candles use an exclusive technology that combines certified waxes with pure essences that are free of solvents. This means your candle won’t produce any smoke as it burns while still diffusing a delicious fragrance.

Teck & Tonka

Soft and spicy, our favourite Teck & Tonka incense by Esteban is perfect for fall. Esteban Japanese incense is made by the world’s incense leader in Japan, which has supplied the Imperial Court and has over 400 years of trade secrets. Once it has burned down, this incredible incense reveals its true perfume, leaving a fragrant wake for several hours to create a relaxing atmosphere to cuddle up with. Grab a cozy blanket, a good book, and indulge in this fragrance with notes of nutmeg, cinnamon, patchouli and Tonka bean.


Sandalwood room spray

This fall we’re so excited to introduce sandalwood to our bestselling Authentique collection. This captivating and woody fragrance is a fan favourite. Transform your space with a few simple sprays with our new sandalwood room spray. Bring a piece of Provence home and warm any space with this irresistible scent.

What is your favourite fall scent? Let us know.

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