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Tips for Hosting a Holiday Party

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Tips for Hosting a Holiday Party

Tis’ the season for parties, and let’s be honest – stress. Focus on the festive and the fun by using some of our simple tips for hosting a stress-free holiday get together this year.

  1. Keep it small & have your guests RSVP

Have the table set for a group of close friends and two people show up on the night of who never replied to your online invitation? This can be a stressful situation at the best of times, but given the continuing pandemic, party crashers are a no-go this year.

Keep your guest list small, and stick with friends and family you see more regularly to reduce your own risk of exposure. When you send out your online invites, be sure to give a clear deadline for when guests need to RSVP. Not only will this make things easier for planning your menu, but it will also give your guests peace of mind for party capacity.

  1. Pick a simple theme

Decorating should be a fun touch, and not a daunting task. Pick a simple theme like a colour to tie the party together. For instance, if you already have your holiday décor up then try a red theme. Put your poinsettias on display, grab yourself a stunning red berry candle ring, and pull out a red tablecloth.

Use a stunning cranberry wreath to play on your simple theme

Have some fun with your drinks by creating a cranberry bourbon cocktail or stick to a classic like mulled wine. Plus, who doesn’t love a red velvet cupcake? Simple nods to your theme will give a thoughtful touch without overwhelming you with excessive bunting and helium balloons to deal with.

  1. Make cleaning up easy with eco-friendly dinnerware & compostable napkins

While everyone loves a party, no one loves cleaning up the mess afterwards. Cut yourself some slack by making use of adorable eco-friendly paper plates for your meal or finger foods. Even better? Get yourself some holiday napkins that are festive and totally compostable.

Sophistiplate plastic cutlery is reusable

Or if you’re looking for something with a little more wear, try the disposable cutlery from Sophistiplate. They are top-rack dishwasher safe and super reusable. Make the sleek and modern cutlery set last you all holiday season.

  1. Overestimate when it comes to food & drinks

Even if you’re hosting a small gathering, it’s better to stock up on your desserts, and definitely the alcohol. It’s stressful enough to run out of ice, let alone wine. Treat yourself by stocking up on beverages and goodies you can enjoy over the next week if your guests have already had their fill. Better to eat fudge all week than worry your party goers are still hungry (and more fudge for you).

  1. Ask for help

You deserve to have fun at your party too. Ask your guests to bring cookies, and then provide bags so everyone can mix and match their sweets to take home as a goodie bag. Too busy in the kitchen to worry about making a playlist? Ask your best friend to put together the music so that all you have to do is click play.

Most importantly, give yourself a day off after the party to do absolutely nothing. Unwind by settling in with leftovers, a glass of wine and light your favourite candle. Remember to keep the ‘me’ in merry – self care is important.

How do you like to celebrate the holiday season? We’d love to hear from you.

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