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Our May flowers faves

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Our May flowers faves

Timeless, vibrant, and fresh? Floral season is back! Explore some of our current floral faves that we’ve been reaching for every day this month.

Rosy Rings Lemon Blossom + Lychee candle

Enjoy the ultimate botanical experience with a stunning Rosy Rings candle. Lovingly handcrafted by skilled artisans, each flower is placed by hand and can take up to three days to perfect! Appeal to all your senses with this fresh and dewy lemon fragrance with white flowers and rose petals. Made using an exclusive wax blend, each botanical element is beautifully illuminated while filling your home with a zesty and irresistible fragrance.

Rosamunda eau de parfum

Looking to treat yourself to a new luxury perfume for spring? Look no further! Rosamunda by Laboratorio Olfattivo is an ode to the seductive power of the rose with distilled Bulgarian and Turkish roses, and a beating heart of golden spices and ancient woods. Elegant in the sunlight and passionate when the night comes down, this sumptuous eau de parfum is perfect for spring.


Tangent GC Tulip body wash

This tulip body wash captures the hopeful promise and cool mornings of springtime. Tangent GC's cruelty-free body wash uses a mild coconut surfactant that lifts dirt and oil from the skin without leaving your skin dry. Plus, the lactic acid contributes to the regeneration of skin cells, which can help reduce color changes and signs of aging. Made in Sweden, this green and hydrating body wash is also fossil-free, organic, and vegan.


La Lavande Tea Towel - Belle De Provence

La Lavande tea towel

Give your kitchen the floral edit with this gorgeous la lavande tea towel. This 100% cotton tea towel is the epitome of timeless chic. Created in 1931 by René Coucke in the north of France, these speciality table and kitchen linens will add a pop of colour to brighten your kitchen for the season. 

Biancofiore candle

We can’t get enough of the Biancofiore candle lately. It is a delicate explosion of flowers and fruits with notes of apple, blueberry, watermelon, coconut, sandalwood, and amber. Made in a historic Italian wax factory founded in 1902, Laboratorio Olfattivo’s candle collection uses a blend of waxes with a pure cotton wick. Each candle has a high concentration of perfume to fully envelop your space. A must-have for any floral lover.

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