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Sid Dickens - RLE21-02 Blushing Blooms - Belle De Provence

2021 - Retailer Limited Edition

These exclusive blocks will be signed by Sid.  There will only be 300 of each RLE21 style available for purchase by Sid Dickens. Once the 300 pieces of each style are sold, the design will be retired and will no longer be available to order.
Sid Dickens - T530 Passion - Belle De Provence

2021 - Spring: The Harmony Collection

The Sid Dickens' Spring 2021 Collection celebrates the harmony of nature and the arts that refreshes our lives and nourishes our souls.

To everything there is a season. The time to cast off the wintry slumber that kept us inside and blanketed the land has arrived. Let us seek to restore balance and enjoy the simple things of life; relaxing with faces upturned to the sky like sunflowers; toeing a cool forest pond on a hot day; watching the delicate dance of butterflies; taking in the sweet fragrance of buttercups on the breeze.

While we enjoy the simple things in life, our hearts and minds also wander where passion and curiosity take us; an exciting flutter of the heart while offering our innermost to another; the thrilling possibility of a new adventure or a sudden flash of elegant clarity. In those moments, we savour a striving for perfection and a need for insight. When, like the tempo of nature, rhythms of music, brush strokes on canvas and intricate thread work like spider webs can remind us of our connections to the world and of the marvellous gifts of creation.

Sid Dickens - T06 Treble Clef - Belle De Provence

2021 Retiring Memory Blocks

A Pleasant Thought

A Pleasant Thought

Specially designed to deliver the ultimate luxury bath experience, these plant-based bath bombs are exceptionally fizzy, perfectly fragranced, delightfully garnished.
Available in a wide range of curated fragrances that are pleasant on your skin and your senses. 
Experience it for your self. You deserve it. 
A'marie Soap Flower Shop

A'marie Soap Flower Shop

There is so much delicate care and lovely design in the garden. The garden can calm, revive, inspire, or restore us inside and out and the design of the flowers bring joy to our lives. We are inspired by the visually beautiful details that delight our hearts and the carefully curated botanicals that nourish our bodies.

From inspiration, we consider the fragrance, natural, and botanical ingredients that would create the skin nourishment to complete the delightful and useful experience. For instance, a real flower petal softly caresses the skin, so it was important for our soap petals to moisturize as it gently cleanses and softly caresses the skin.   

Marble Soap Dish - Belle De Provence


Felt Rose Hair Elastic - Belle De Provence

Accessories Sale

Alex Monroe

Alex Monroe

30 Years in the Making

Alex Monroe jewellery is synonymous with a very British sense of style. It is feminine, delicate and quirky, but above all consistently wearable. Now a much loved brand world-wide, each and every piece is individually designed and handmade in England by Alex and his team of expert jewellers. Inspired by nature and nostalgia, every piece has a tale to tell…and the story continues with you.

All Alex Monroe main collections are handcrafted in Sterling Silver with the option of a 22ct gold-plated finish. Our precious Fine Jewellery range is made in solid 18ct gold and platinum. We are proud to have a longterm commitment to local manufacturing and ethical practises. We work with long standing partners based in the UK for the casting and plating of our jewellery, and source all stones from trusted and ethical suppliers.


Alice Caroline - Liberty Shower Cap Wiltshire Royal

Alice Caroline

Olive Lavender Liquid Soap Refill - Belle De Provence


Amber by Esteban

Amber by Esteban

Amelie et Melanie

Amelie et Melanie

Embrace simplicity and innocence with Amélie et Mélanie, a range of fragrances created by Lothantique’s perfumers in Grasse. Fresh and stylish, playful and sensual, this voluptuous collection for both body and home is fashioned with natural elements to delight the senses.



It is from a new futuristic and creative energy that the idea of Anthologie by Lucien Ferrero is born.
The whole collection boasts a contemporary packaging made of a refined, minimalist bottle and a rough and textured paper -FSC™ certified, containing 40% post-consumer recycled waste, produced in compliance with strict environmental standards.

The leitmotif is love: a love that for its deepest nature is perceived through all the senses.

Hence, thanks to the collaboration with the Italian Union of the Partially Sighted and Blind, the idea of using the Braille language on the boxes is born to provide a universal translation.

Au Crépuscule

Au Crépuscule

A fresh scent of red fruits with a hint of patchouli and rose.


Authentique Grapefruit 200g Soap - Belle De Provence

Authentique Grapefruit

Authentique Milk 200g Soap - Belle De Provence

Authentique Milk

Authentique White Tea 200g Soap - Belle De Provence

Authentique White Tea

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