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4 Reasons Why Hand & Foot Cream are Essential

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4 Reasons Why Hand & Foot Cream are Essential

With the summer sun nearly here, your skincare has never been more important. While you might be well prepared when it comes to sunscreen and lip balm, we often tend to neglect our hands and feet (outside of a pretty nail polish). We’re exploring four reasons why your hand and foot cream are so essential (so you never forget to pack them again).

  1. Stay moisturized

With the dawn of flip-flop and sandal season, and time to spend digging in the garden or playing in the sand – your hands and feet are being exposed to even more environmental aggravators than usual. On top of being more exposed to the sun, wind, and sweating more in the warmer weather, your hands and feet can also play a key role in your mobility. Cracks, cuts, and callouses on your feet hurt. Plus, having dry hands can be extremely itchy or even painful.

Lotions and creams seal moisture into your skin. Applying a cream like the intensive foot cream from Dead Sea Land can make the world of a difference. Made with minerals from the Dead Sea, cocoa butter, and coconut oil, this foot cream is great to soften dry, tough skin. Use a generous amount on your feet and ankles and massage until fully absorbed.

Use a nourishing shea hand cream to hydrate your hands

(Use a nourishing shea hand cream to hydrate your hands)


  1. Help combat signs of aging

Truth be told, your hands are exposed to just as many elements as your face. Yet we often neglect them and leave our hands vulnerable to the effects of aging like premature wrinkles and pigmentation. In fact, the skin on our hands is often the most delicate (and thin).

Lotion is a great tool to increase the moisture levels in your skin and improve skin elasticity. Hydration is essential to repair the barrier of your skin. A light, long-lasting hand cream like the ultra-nourishing shea hand cream from Compagnie de Provence both soothes and protects. It is made using fair trade-shea butter, and natural ingredients in Grasse, France.

  1. Make a good impression

Have you ever faced a handshake with very dry skin? Or put on your favourite pair of strappy heels only to expose your cracked heals? Both scenarios can make us feel self conscious, but there is no need to stress yourself over these superficial concerns.

Carrying around a convenient and perfectly sized hand cream from Lothantique can provide a quick fix. This thick, ultra-rich hand cream is ideal to travel with or keep (several) in your purse. Besides, you’ll be the most popular person at brunch when everyone asks to borrow some lotion.

Lothantique hand creams are perfect to travel with

(Lothantique hand creams are perfect to travel with)


  1. Essential self-care

We say it all the time, but self-care is important. During a busy day, it can feel impossible to stop to take a bath or read a book. However, taking a few moments to apply a hand cream can both soothe your skin and give your mind a break. Pausing for a few minutes during the workday or in the evening to massage lotion into your skin can be a physical and mental relief. This small and simple ritual can give you a moment to just focus on yourself, and your own comfort.

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