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Pick your fave book genre & we’ll pick your new candle

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Pick your fave book genre & we’ll pick your new candle

Looking for a new scent to start off 2023? We’ve got a new candle picked for you to enjoy based on your favourite book genre to read.

Choose your favourite book genre.

Romance Historical fiction Celebrity memoir Detective mystery

Cookbook Fantasy Action and adventure Biographies

If you love romance

Lothantique Chemin de Roses Candle

Who doesn’t love love? The Chemin de roses candle from Lothantique is the perfect romantic scent. Warm your home with the soft glow of this heavenly rose candle. Treat your senses with this mineral wax candle that will pair perfectly with your favourite new romance book.

If you love historical fiction...

Uncle Nestor Lavender Candle

Do you love to travel back in time and explore the moments from the past with a moving historical fiction novel? Take a walk down memory lane with Lothantique founder, Joséphine Mouranchon, with Uncle Nestor’s lavender candle. Josephine’s old grimoire was used to create this classic scent for her brother, Nestor, who was the ‘nose’ of the family. Perfect for lavender lovers, this beautiful candle is made in France.


If you love a celebrity memoir

Pure Home Couture Mimosa Flowers No.49 Candle

Who doesn’t love a tasty morsel of gossip in a page-turning celebrity memoir? Indulge in the glitz and glamour of Hollywood with a stunning mimosa flowers Pure Home Couture candle. Bask in the promise of spring and sunshine with illusive, milky notes of honey, straw and violet in this candle made locally in Canada.

If you love a detective mystery

Rosa Tabacco Candle

Do you love a classic noir? Enjoy the unexpected and smoky Rosa Tabacco candle to create an enchanting atmosphere. Made in a precious glass vessel and handmade by Florentine artisans, this unique candle will intrigue your senses.

If you love cookbooks

Belle de Provence Olive & Mint Candle

For the cook and food enthusiast in your life, you can’t go wrong with the Belle de Provence olive and mint candle. Crack open a new cookbook and enjoy the refreshing scent of olive and mint. Revitalize and invigorate your senses as you expand your palette in the kitchen.


If you love psychological thrillers

Les Secrets D'Antoine Candle

You love a story with a surprising twist or shocking turn so you will adore the Les Secrets D'Antoine, a spicy cedar scent. Layered with green moss and an intriguing tangerine zest, this Lothantique candle is must-have. Made with vegetable wax and a pure cotton wick, this French candle will pair perfectly with the latest nail-biting thriller.


If you love fantasy

Celestial Flower & Seed candle

Looking for something out of this world? If you love being swept off your feet in a magical adventure or transported to a mythical realm then you’ll love this celestial flower and seed candle. The Golden candle collection from Amelie et Melanie will add a little magic to your space. With notes of peony, papaya, and driftwood, this mineral wax candle will become your new favourite.


If you love action and adventure

White Orchid Candle

Would you like to go on your own epic journey? Go on a tropical adventure with a white orchid Esteban candle. This floral-green scent has notes of mandarin, water-hyacinth, white orchid, and musky vanilla. Made in France, this fragrance is both wild and free for a fragile and fascinating design that evokes an orchid.

If you love biographies

J'entends la Mer Candle

If you love to peak behind the curtains with a detailed biography, then you can’t go wrong with the J'entends la Mer candle. Behind the gorgeous packaging in an embellished box with delicate starfish is a heavenly scent from Amelie et Melanie. This clean and fresh marine fragrance will help set the scene as you delve into page-turning journey of human truth and discovery.

What is your favourite book that you’ve read recently? Connect with us on social media.

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