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Purify Your Home for the Holidays

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Purify Your Home for the Holidays

Even if the holiday season looks a little different this year, it certainly won’t be any less busy. Whether it is cooking, baking, getting the house ready for your social circle or creating a special night for yourself, you can purify your space with Maison Berger Paris. Learn about the power of smell, and explore the company’s technology, which has been in use for 120 years.

Of our five senses – sight, sound, smell, touch, and taste – only one has a direct route to the part of our brain related to memory and emotion. Smells are read by our olfactory bulb, and then travel straight to our limbic system, allowing scents to have an immediate impact on our experiences.

Harvard researchers showed that the flavor of the food we eat is determined by smell rather than taste. If you pinch your nose while eating a cookie, you are likely to only taste something sweet as opposed to enjoying the complexity of flavor from a home-made chocolate chip cookie fresh out of the oven.

Enjoy cooking this holiday season

(Holiday cooking can fill your home with a wide variety of smells)

Unfortunately, not everything delicious smells equally as delightful. While kimchi and parmesan cheese taste great, some individuals have a hard time getting passed their potent scents. According to a report by the Wall Street Journal, one of the top dishes to receive the most complaints from others in the room is re-heated fish (followed by burritos, and aged-cheese finishing solidly at the top).

But what if you would like to fry up some fish or boil some eggs for your guests? Or perhaps you don’t want any lingering turkey odors while you enjoy cocktails and holiday baking after dinner? If smell is memory, then we want to leave behind 2020 with a good one.

Thankfully, the technology needed to purify your space has existed for 120 years.

Created to in order to deal with asepsis in hospitals, Maurice Berger invented a system of diffusion by a catalyst. With the Lampe Berger, the diffusion actually destroys the molecules responsible for things like unpleasant smells. It’s no surprise then that the exclusive patented burner became popular with the public well outside of Berger’s medical intentions.

Maurice Berger in Paris

(The Maison Berger lamp was created 120 years ago)

The lamp has been redesigned by famous designers to be more than just functional, but an aesthetic centerpiece. It was popular in the art community and used by individuals such as Picasso and Jean Cocteau. Fragrances and perfumery were later added so while purifying the air, one could also dispense a scent quickly, and consistently (even in a large room). Today, Maison Berger Paris has a wide range of fragrances, from fruity to floral and fresh to sweet, which are created in the legendary perfume center of Grasse.

Bring home a tradition Maison Berger lamp for the holidays

(Bring home a traditional Maison Berger Lamp for the holidays)

Bad smells have the power to affect our moods. With all of our time spent at home this year, our noses deserve a break as well. Whether you decide to dabble in aromatherapy or simply want to mask some of your loveable dog’s less loveable smells, the Maison Berger is the perfect option to purify your space and set yourself up for success for the holidays.

Keep your kitchen and your home cleanly, fresh, and ready to make some great new memories.

What are some of your favourite dishes to enjoy during the holidays? Let us know in the comments below (and we wouldn’t be upset if you left us the recipe either).

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