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Your New Fragrance Based on Your Coffee Order

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Your New Fragrance Based on Your Coffee Order

Many of us can’t start the day without a nice, hot cup of joe. Ask any barista and they will tell you that a person’s coffee order says a lot about their personality. So we’re picking your eau de toilette and eau de parfum based on your go-to coffee order with some of our bestselling scents.

What is eau de toilette?

Eau de toilette is an alcohol-based perfume originally created in the fourteenth century for the queen of Hungary. It predates cologne (as well as the modern day toilet) and can be more accurately described as ‘grooming water.’ In fact, King Louis XIV had his own ‘heavenly water’ made from aloewood, musk, rose water and other spices.

So what is the difference between eau de toilette and eau de parfum? It comes down to fragrance concentration. Eau de toilette has a lighter concentration for a more fresh and discreet fragrance. It is ideal for daily use. Meanwhile, eau de parfum has stronger or more intense fragrance because of the higher oil concentration. Eau de parfum is a great option for a night out on the town (especially if you're dancing).

If you order a...

 Christian Tortu's Riviera Eau de Toilette

Black coffee or espresso

Christian Tortu Riviera Ea de Toilette

A shot of espresso or black coffee first thing in the morning is like ordering whiskey neat at the bar. You’re not interested in any extravagant flourishes, but rather like to enjoy the pure quality of the coffee bean itself. If you’re looking for an equally fresh and transparent scent then you should try Christian Tortu’s Riviera Eau de Toilette. With notes of citrus flavors, bitter orange, crushed green leaves, and subtle hints of spice, you can be warmed by the scents of southern France all day.

Lothantique Milk Eau de Toilette


Lothantique Milk Eau de Toilette

It is one of the most universally popular drinks for a good reason. A latte is the perfect combo of espresso and your preferred steamed milk. It’s an easy drink with a hint of sweetness. So why stray from the magic touch of milk? Try the Authentique Milk eau de toilette, which is light fragrance with a softly sweet touch. Modern and timeless, it’s ideal for everyday wear.


Lothantique Tiara Flower Eau de Toilette

Flavoured Latte

Lothantique Tiara Eau de Toilette

There are so many amazing, flavored syrups to give your latte an extra fun kick to start the day. From vanilla to caramel, or a seasonal pumpkin spice and peppermint, flavored lattes are never boring and always comforting. The tiara flower eau de toilette, like the flower, is tropical, rich and creamy. With notes of jasmine and coconut, it is unique and fresh like you.

Miller et Bertaux #3 Eau de Parfum


Miller et Bertaux #3 (green, green, green, and green)

Not a coffee person? You’re not alone. Besides water, tea is the most consumed beverage around the world. There’s simply a tea for every mood or time of day. Whether you like black tea, green tea, white tea or herbal tea, you’ll love Miller et Bertaux eau de parfum #3 (green, green, green and green). Capture your own natural essence and versatility with this combination of bay-tree, verbena, coriander juices and white jasmine.

MorMor Rosa Noir Eau de Parfum

Hot Chocolate

Mor Rosa Noir Eau de Parfum

Looking to skip caffeine altogether? You certainly can’t go wrong with a warm cup of cocoa (and maybe some whip cream and marshmallows for good measure). For a sweet tooth, you need a sweet scent. The Rosa Noir eau de parfum combines rose, carnation, musk and tonka bean for a floral and velvety scent. It is warm, light and bright.

What is your favourite beverage from your local coffee shop?


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