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5 Sustainable Steps to Celebrate Earth Day

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5 Sustainable Steps to Celebrate Earth Day

Earth Day is all about saving our planet for future generations. Check out some of our favourite sustainable products to improve your environmental footprint today.

1. Embrace organic

Organic Liquid Soap

It matters how your products are made. Return to a time when products were created in harmony with nature, bringing together the values of "savoir-vivre", know-how, and an environmentally sensitive approach! This organic soap from Lothantique has a vegetable-based formula made with organic coprah and olive oils, 95% biodegradable, and certified by Ecocert Greenlife (COSMEBIO and COSMOS). Leave your skin feeling soft with a small on your face!

2. Reuse everyday

Packaway Tote Bag

Reduce your carbon footprint by always carrying a reusable bag. With the Canadian government’s ban on single-use plastics, a reusable bag is now an everyday essential. Convenient and cute-as-can-be, this durable cotton tote easily folds away into its own neat pocket to take with you. Plus, it has a wide-strap to comfortably carry over you shoulder.

3. Time to compost

Swedish Dishcloth

Clean and compost in one with a must-have from Scandinavia. Made from cotton and plant-based cellulose fibers, these Danica dishcloths are 100% natural and compostable. These dishcloths are the perfect sustainable alternative to sponges, and paper towels. They become soft and pliable when wet for easy cleanup, and they look great doing it!

4. Support fair-trade

Cuddle + Kind

Support community and empower local industries with fair-trade practices with a plush toy from Cuddle + Kind. Every Cuddle + Kind doll is handmade and embroidered by incredible local women artisans in Peru with love. Made with premium 100% cotton yarn, for every doll sold the company also provides ten meals to children in need.

5. Reduce and refill

Liquid Soap Refill

Refill instead of simply re-purchasing. While it may seem small, buying refills instead of a new soap dispenser keeps another piece of plastic out of a terrifying garbage patch in the ocean. Our bestselling Belle de Provence olive and verbena liquid soap is made in the same tradition as the famous ‘savon de Marseille’. It infuses the finest cold pressed olive oil to gently cleanse and stimulate the skin.  This moisture-rich liquid soap leaves skin soft and supple.

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