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DIY: How to curate a gift basket

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DIY: How to curate a gift basket

Add a personal touch to any gift by making your own gift basket that they will love. Follow some of our simple tips to curate a thoughtful gift for any occasion.

  1. Pick a theme

Not sure where to start? Or perhaps you have too many ideas. Settling on a theme is an easy way to focus your intent and help select your gifts. A cheese and wine theme is a universal favourite for housewarmings or hostess gifts. Pick up a stunning marble cheeseboard, and pair it with your go-to charcuterie picks like confit, jams, or a new chutney. You can also embrace the season with a spring theme with floral fragrances like Hinoki Rose, brightly coloured hand creams from Compagnie de Provence, and staple sunglasses.

(A cheese and wine board is a classic theme)


  1. Select your size

It all starts with your basket. Whether you go with a classic wicker basket or a decorative box, make sure you choose an appropriate size so your gift doesn’t feel bare or over-stuffed. When in doubt, opt for the smaller size so that you don’t feel overwhelmed shopping to fill it. Instead, level up your presentation by getting creative. Ditch the tissue paper or crinkle-cut paper, and cover the bottom of your basket with a gorgeous Bon|Artis tea towel or scarf. This waste-free solution elevates your arrangement while being eco-friendly.

Use a beautiful tea towel in your basket

(Use a beautiful tea towel in your basket)


  1. It’s all about layering

The key to arranging your gift basket is all in the layering. Make sure to arrange your items from largest to smallest. Bigger items should go towards the back of your basket with the smaller items in front. You can also play with contrasting colours and textures to give your basket a more dynamic look. Place a striking black marble bowl next to a knock-out blue Dr. Vranjes acqua room spray. Or use twine to create a hand-made 'For mom' label around a bottle of lavender Lothantique bath salts.

  1. Stick with the classics

Can’t settle on a theme or still not sure what to go shopping for? You can never go wrong with the classics. We give gifts to show that we care, and therefore self-care products are always a timeless solution. Don’t stress about food allergies or clothing sizes, choose from some of bestselling beloved candles like the Lothantique milk or linen candles to brighten their day. Or select a natural, organic mud mask from Dead Sea Land with unique Dead Sea minerals that is perfect to add to any skin care routine.

Still not sure where to begin? Our wonderful staff would love to help you create the perfect gift basket for your special occasion. Come by the store or give us a call.

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